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Private Consultation


Get in touch with me,

ask a question or book

a private consultation.


We have an introductory phone call .

Q 's For Your Dog

You send a list of questions for your dog, regarding his

problems or regarding things

that you are curious about.

You can also send them a  message that you

want to convey .


I have a telepathic conversation with your dog, which lasts between

 ½-1½ hours,

depending on the complexity

of the situation.

Summary Talk

We have a phone call  (½ -1½ hours) where I will tell you everything your dog said and wanted to convey.


We will also talk about recommendations and courses of actionfor the future.

Follow up

 One Month Gift Guidance

You and your dog get one month of guidance for free ,

in order to help both of you to integrate all the new information into your lives. 


Classic Private Consultation


 1 month guidance

  • Introductory call.

  • Opportunity to share the issues

        and messages.

  • Telepathic conversation that lasts  ½-1½ hours.

  • Conclusion talk that last ½- 1½ hours.

  • One month of guidance - 4 weekly update talks.


A discount is given for

2 or more dogs.

Private consultation telepathic conversation with your dog


book a session with an Animal Communicator


               End of life support

    the "Peacful Farewell "Process

  • Suited for terminal illnesses and urgent life threatening situations.

  • A guided process for saying goodbye to your dog with a clear conscience and a calm heart .

  • Translating the dog’s needs and last requests.

  • Remote Physical scan to see where they are hurting and what is most urgent for them.

  • Opening a common ground , where the dog and the family can pass each other messages about the coming separation.

end of life support help a diying dog


End of life support from a Pet Psychic help a dying dog




                Life transition 


  • Suited for:


       *new baby

       *upcoming flight with the dog

       *change of owners

       *changes in the family circumstances

       *upcoming surgery

         And more...

  • Life transitions can come in a lot of different shapes.

  • Each consultation is customized depending on the time frame.

life transition package

Please contact me for details

Fly with your dog , prepare a dog for a surgery and help a dog adjust

             Rescued Dogs


  • Classic Consultation +

  • Added focus on unveiling your dog's past and their prior traumas.

  • Help a quicker and smoother adjustment into the new home.

  • 2 months guidance, to assure that the changes we wanted to create in our new dog’s life are indeed creating positive change.

rescue dog package discover your dog's past


Animal Commnicator helps rescued traumatized dogs.

           Extra month of


       Suited for :

  • complicated situations

  • behavoural processes

  • multiple life changes happening at the same time

  • healing from physical conditions​ 

       And more...

extra month free guidance from the dog telepath


The Dog Telepath guidance and advice for dogs.

Why One Month 


Free Guidance?

Its important to me that the channeling yields more than just information, giving you the mechanisms to integrate what was being said into day to day life. 

I feel that talking about it is not enough, grounding the content of the conversation with your dog is super important.

Your dog and you are not left alone, you are being supported throughout this process. 

Free gift advice from a pet psychic.

How Does the                                           Work?

4 weekly  follow up calls.

Checking with your dog directly,  what they are thinking and feeling about the changes we have implementedin their lives and if needed, adjust the process..

The update calls are GIVEN AS A GIFT and are not obligatory. You can choose whether you want to have them or not.

Follow Up

Free expert advice from a dog whisperer

Communicating with 

Other Animals

In addition to working and specializing in dog-human communication, I have also communicated, and still communicate with many other animal species, such as monkeys, wild boars, cats, parrots, spiders , bees and many others.

Want to know what your rabbit is thinking ? Absolutely possible 😊

cat whisperer .
Can an animal communicator talk to my rabbit
Animal Whisperer communicate with my pet.

Q & A

q and a animal communication

How can they talk to you if dogs can’t speak? Telepathic communication with animals is a translation that our mind does to electrical signals sent from the animal’s brain. The animal transmits an idea or a feeling, which is then translated into a formula, that is received by my own consciousness. The mechanism is very similar to that of Google Translate: you write something in one language, the program recognizes the words , that were written in a certain order in the sentence (A.K.A - the formula) and translates it into the required language – in such a manner that expresses the idea in the best way possible. In fact, animal communicators are translators, whos’ job is to translate into “human language” the input that is being received from the brainwaves of the animal. Fortunately for us, the translation mechanism exists naturally within all animals in nature as well as in humans. In fact, all human beings have the ability to communicate telepathically, however the vast majority are not aware of that. With time and practice this kind of communication becomes easy and simple, just like a phone call to a close friend. For animals, telepathic communication is natural and they use it since the day they are born. They feel right away when someone tries to ‘call’ them telepathically.









What does it actually look like when you sit and converse with the dog? In order to channel I sit in a quiet place with the photo of the dog in front of me and during an hour or so I converse with the dog. Observing from the outside you would see me sitting and writing at a high speed.

Can I ask my dog specific questions? Certainly, and it’s recommended that you do so. The more focused your question will be, the easier it will be for your dog to answer. Through the Channeling you can ask questions, as well as receive and pass on messages.

Why do you need a picture of the dog? The picture, age, and the name of the dog allow me to attune myself to the specific dog. In this way I organize my frequency so it matches the frequency of the dog with whom I want to converse. By this means, a channel of communication opens up. You can compare it to a phone call: When you want to call someone, the first thing you do is think about them, and consider what you want to discuss. That is – you set your intention, adjust yourself for the conversation, dial your friend’s number – a connection is created and you can speak to each other.

And don't you need to meet the dog? Meeting the dog in person is possible, but most times not obligatory. Since the conversation is telepathic, it doesn’t matter if the dog is next to me or on the other side of the world. The information between our minds is sent and received through Quantum Action (Quantum Physics) - a momentary unification of my vibration with that of the dog, in order to allow information to be shared. This exchange of information is therefore immediate, regardless of the physical location. Before the channeling I ask very few practical details about the dog, such as the age and the name, the rest of the information will come from the dog. I want to allow them to show me their world in an authentic way. In this way you as the owner (pet parent) can feel assured that the Channeling with the dog was indeed true and reflective of your dog and their reality.

How do the dogs feel when you start speaking to them? They are so excited! Dogs love to connect and have high motivation to communicate. They are thrilled that someone can not only see them, but also hear them. All dogs understand right away that I am only the messenger, only the translator, and that the true seeker is their owner. Dogs have greater interaction with human beings than any other animal, and they “jump” on the opportunity to express themselves.

What do the dogs tell you? Basically, everything that’s on their mind. They can tell and show me everything beginning with what they love to eat, how they feel about a certain person, meaningful experiences from their past, what they miss and whether they are in pain. Many dogs also talk about their practical and energetic role within the family unit. (even one person can be a family).

How do you receive what the dog is trying to tell you? The thoughts and the emotions of the dog are being received through my brain and body in a variety of forms, including images, smells, sounds and sensations.

The Dog Thelepath reviews.

" I highly recommend giving yourself and your dog this rare glimpse … hearing your closest friend in your language and understanding it more accurately than ever.

I have been raising Leah for
4 years. 4 years that this wonderful creature has gone with me everywhere. And it’s wonderful and complex just like human relationships :)
I met Mayu by chance and immediately fell in love. A person full of gentleness and kindness, and when she told me what she was doing, I was even more captivated by her charms.

After a week we met again and I got a rare glimpse into Leah’s inner world. It’s hard for me to describe it in words, I was terribly excited to hear her through Mayu, telling me about herself.

Mayu, I want to thank you for this wonderful gift you have given me. Since then, I have been slowly changing Leah’s lifestyle to things that are much more suitable for her and the results are almost immediate! It is very heartening.


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