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animal communication lectures and talks.


Come and join unique and intriguing lectures about telepathic communication with animals. In the lectures, we will learn about the history and research behind Animal Communication, which has been around for thousands of years.

We will hear mind-blowing facts and first hand stories 
about how animal telepathy is practiced today. In addition, you will get the chance to interactively practice telepathy with animals yourself.

An exciting opportunity to deepen your connection and understanding  of the animal kingdom with these two lectures:

Choose a Lecture:

lecture about animal communication

                        LECTURE CONTENT :


  • Studies done on the subject and facts in the field.

  • Fascinating first-hand stories about                                                                        telepathic communication with animals.

  • Reality vs myths in the animal world.

  • An effective and simple technique for asking

      questions and getting answers from animals.

  • Understanding telepathy -                                                                                                 quantum physics and biology origins.

  • Intuition and the sixth sense.

  • Different point of views of pets vs wild animals.

  • How captive animals experience life.

  • Different communication styles - insects vs mammals.

Unlocking the Secrets of

  Animal Communication

Exploring the world

of animal communication:

  myths, facts, history and

 scientific background.

                                Lecture content :

  • How do dogs really see the world? Myths vs reality.

  • What is the difference between dog training and Animal Communication?

  • How does telepathic communication solve emotional and behavioral problems

      in dogs?

  • What is telepathy and how does it work - quantum physics and biology origins.

  • How does telepathic communication help traumatized dogs?

  • What can we learn from studies, research and facts in the field? 

  • Mind Blowing first hand stories about telepathy with dogs.


   Note: We will learn an effective and simple technique

   for asking questions and getting answers from dogs.

Telepathy with Dogs: 

Unveiling theirInner World

Discover how dog telepathy works 

and how you can see

the world through their eyes.

lecture about telepathic communication with dogs

The lectures last about an hour.

The lectures are interactive and there will be questions and exercises during it.

Suitable for everyone - animal lovers, activists,

professionals in the animal world

and people with a curious mind.

animal communication lectures for dog associations.

"Mayu gave us a fascinating lecture.

This topic is gaining momentum all over the world and I hope that here too, professionals, volunteers and all those involved with animals (veterinarians, trainers ...) will understand how much this tool can help strengthen the connection

with an animal and its understanding.

Mayu is an excellent representative and I highly recommend

this amazing dog telepath."


Lisa, Galilee Golan Animal Welfare Association

festivals and events animal communication

Are you organizing a festival or an event?
For a really unique experiance, you can book a customized interactive workshop or a lecture, to inspire and introduce your guests to the magical world of Animal Communication.

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