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A Little Bit 

About Me

Hey, my name is Mayu, and I’m a Dog Communicator ,

or in other words : a Dog Whisperer. 

the dog telepath animal communicator pet psychic.

Energetic Opening

animal whisperer.

Born a highly sensitive child, I grew up in a very rational and analytical environment.

As a consequence, I learned to suppress my natural intuition.

Years later in 2012, while studying economics and international relationship in university,

I experienced a spontaneous energetic opening that revived all my dormant inner senses.

After that opening, my world has changed.

I realized I could connect to people and animals in a profound and different way

which I have never experienced before.

They revealed to me new information in a way that I never thought possible.

After learning how to use those new found abilities,

being a ‘left brain” person, one that always looks for reason ,

I had to find out WHY it worked.

Deep diving into the field, I found researches that confirm what

I was feeling since childhood -  Animal Communication is a natural process,

a REAL ability that WE ALL possess.


Today I feel gratueful and happy to have the opportunity to channel these abilities into helping people and dogs alike as a Dog Telepath.


In addition to being an Animal Communicator, I also design jewelry and perform energetic analysis called “Energetic Imprint” for (human 🙂) adults and children. 

Focus On Dogs

Dogs have always had a special place in my heart. 

Dogs are the animals with the oldest and strongest bond with human beings. 

They are always willing and happy to communicate and have high motivation to improve.

I chose to specialize in dogs and their world in particular because of my love for this furry creature. 

My focus on dogs gives me a better and deeper comprehension of their lives and points of view. 

I have spoken to hundreds of dogs , and I’ve learned something new from each and every one of them.

They keep surprising me with their sensitivity and intelligence .

dog whisperer telepathy with dogs.
animal telepathy with cats rabbits horses and birds.

*in addition to working and specializing in dog-human communication, I have also communicated and still communicate with many other animal species such as cats, perrots, wild boars, donkeys, monkeys, spiders, porcupines, bees and many others.

I am always curious to discover new perspectives and happy for opportunities to speak with new animals.

My Approach

Knowledge and research based Animal Communication

I have found that animal communication is a natural and simple process that has been practiced

for thousands of years by indigenous tribes, and today is also backed up by scientific researchers .

My approach is not only spiritual and intuitive,

I believe that animal communication is an innate process

which can be understood with a more rational mind.

In my work, I use up-to-date research in combination with energetic work

to provide practical and grounded solutions for you and your dog.


Bringing it down to earth

It is important to me to present practical and grounded solutions,

making sure that the channeling doesn’t stay ‘’up in the air’’.

We want to know and understand the energetic and emotional causes,

and create an improvement  through tangible life changes.

animal communicator approach pet intuitive.
learn animal communication from a pet whisperer.

My Teaching Approach

You don’t have to be ‘’spiritual’’ to communicate telepathically with animals.

After all the reading, I’ve experienced first-hand in my work that EVERYONE can develop telepathy.

Since  our forefathers have been practicing it for thousands of years, it became ingrained in our DNA

and a part of our human biology.


You don’t have to meditate for hours or define yourself as an intuitive person.

It is a SUPER POWER that everyone can access with a little practice.

Quick and clear techniques

I developed various quick and clear techniques , so each person can find the method that works best for them - 

their own path to their own intuition.

In this way, the new Animal Communicator will gain a rich tool box,

that will help them grow rapidly with their level of accuracy in their conversations with dogs,

and strengthen their connection to the animal world. 


Workshops and lectures are given IN PERSON

My workshops are taught IN PERSON.

I believe that there are many benefits to “offline”, ON LOCATION workshops,

and that you can learn better and in a more profound way.

Research also shows that information that has been learned as an experience, not only as “dry” information,

is better understood and applied.


Nothing beats being there in person!

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