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What is


The word telepathy (Tele + Patia) literally means :

to feel from a distance.
Telepathy is an extension of what we call

the “sixth sense”.   

Animal communication uses inner senses, which allow us to have direct access to an animal’s thoughts, feelings, and sensations.

Telepathic communication with animals is a translation that our mind does to electric signals sent from the animal’s brain.

The animal transmits an electro-magnetic impulse -

an idea or a feeling ,  which is  then received by the animal communicator’s own Consciousness , to be then translated into human language.

Telepathic Communication        with  Animals?
what is Animal Communication. telepathic conversation with your dog
pet whisperer history of Animal Communication

The History and Science Behind 

Animal Communication

Telepathy is a cognitive ability that most of us use on a regular basis, without even knowing.

Telepathy is a TRUE SENSE, ingrained deeply in our DNA.

Remember the last time you thought of someone strongly when suddenly they sent you a message?

Yes , that was a real telepathic interaction.

A dormant sense, that once existed in all of us strongly, making its rare appearance.

This sense was DEVELOPED BY OUR ANCESTORS , long before the human race started using spoken language.

It has been practiced by indigenous tribes around the world for thousands of years.

We know that King Solomon and Saint Francis of Assisi (A.K.A - San Fransisco) communicated with animals.

Buddhists as well, have different techniques for the practice of telepathic communication. 

Today we know that this  inner sense can be ignited and revived, giving us what in this age was defined as “SUPER HUMAN ABILITIES”, but in the past was a natural and  integral part of human and animal interaction.

Modern animal communicators have been working worldwide since the early twentieth century.

Today, animal communication is also backed by science, and we can find various researches about the subject from around the world.

What do 

Animal Communicators, also known as Animal Whisperers or Pet Psychics,

by using different techniques,

create a direct inner channel that allows them to have access to the animal’s thoughts,

feelings and sensations.

The animal transmits an idea or a feeling ,  which is then translated into a formula, that is then received by the communicator own Consciousness.

The mechanism is very similar

to that of Google Translate:
you write something in one language, the program recognizes the words , that were written in a certain order in the sentence (A.K.A - the formula)

and translates it into the required language –

in such a manner that expresses the idea

in the best way possible.

In fact , Animal Communicators are translators, whose job is to translate into “human language” the input that is being received from the brainwaves of the animal.

Animal Communicators Do?
what do Animal Communicators do?
telepathy with animals help my dog

Each dog is a world unto itself.

Each dog has its own special point of view,

just as humans do.

Telepathic communication with them opens a window to their inner and surprising world.

Through my work with the dogs I have found that they have a rich and aware inner world, much more developed than what we have been led to believe.

With the help of the telepathic communication,

the dogs reveal to us more than what they do and why, they also share what they think and how they feel.

The conversation allows you to come in direct contact with the real voice of your dog.

With the help of this direct mental communication we can find out quickly the root cause of different emotional ,  behavioral and physical problems that accompany the dog .

Help Our Dogs?

How Can a Telepathic Conversation  

Does Your Dog Need Help With.....

Animal Communication for  anxious depressed sad and traumatized dogs

Emotional & Behavioral Problems 

How do I help a sad , unconfident or depressed dog?

Dog aggression, dogs with anxiety, traumatized or scared dogs - all  these and other emotional and behavioral issues  can be RESOLVED AND IMPROVED with the help of Animal Communication.

In my practice I also specialize in rescued dogs who suffer from PTSD. 

Animal Communication helps sick dog and dogs in pain

Physical and Health Issues 

Animal communication is very effective in helping sick dogs heal. Through identifying the underlying source of the disease and understanding if and where the dog is in pain -

we can help them get better, quicker.

The dogs can share what they need and the healing process

can be accelerated. 

*Mental Preparation for medical procedures can also help a lot.

* in the case of a physical issue , a remote energetic and  physical scans can also be performed for a better understanding of the health problem and a more in-depth perspective on the situation.

help a dog adjust to a new home owner

Life Changing Events and Transitions 

Changes can be scary, stressfull, and even traumatizing for dogs.

If you are looking to avoid anxiety and fear,

to make a smooth transition,

and to  help your dog adjust to the new circumstances faster - animal communication is an excellent

way to go about it.


The conversation with your dog can end confusion

and stress -  by explaining to your dog exactly what is going to happen , step by step ,

and what is happening right now -

and by answering all the questions the dog has.

So how to help a dog adjust to...

A new home?

A new owner?

A new baby?

How do you prapare for a flight with your dog?

If you are about to fly with your pet and want everything to go smoothly...

A  Conversation with your dog  will help them emotionally and mentally prepare for the transition, in a stress-free, smoother, calmer way. 

how to say goodbye to pets  help my dog die naturall  y

End of Life Support  

Terminal illness and old age in dogs raise

a lot of difficult questions:

How do we say goodbye to our dog?

Is my dog in pain?

How do I know if it’s time for euthanasia? 

What are their last requests?

Can I help my dog pass away at home naturally?

when is the right time to put my dog down?

How do I prepare my dog and myself for the coming seperation?

Animal communication helps your dog and your family to prepare for your dog’s death..

It will give you an insight into the final wishes of your dog and what they need to support them in their final moments.

A unique process I have developed called:


Will allow your family and your dog to say goodbye without regrets , and with a peaceful heart and mind.

can Animal Communication help my dog

Do you want to...


      Resolve issues that seemed unresolvable
      Heal emotional wounds
      Improve and resolve behavioral issues
      Support your dog’s physical concerns
      Gain peace of mind and a calm household 
      Receive a direct translation of your dog's wants and needs

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