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Animal Communicator  Pet Psychic The Dog Telepath

 Your dog’s story...           

 in his own words

Have you ever wondered?...

what your dog is really thinking and feeling?

With the help of Animal Communication,

we can get direct access to your dog's thoughts, feelings and sensations.

Animal Communication The Dog Telepath

As a Dog Telepath (an Animal Whisperer),

I’ll help you discover the root cause of the problem

and together we will bring about a deep transformation..

Understanding your dog’s true wants and needs,

will help you resolve difficult issues with greater awareness 

and with more efficiency,

deepening your connection with your dog.

Animal Communication

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 Private consultation
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My unique 


approach to animal communication

Holistic and Down To Earth Animal Communication I approach animal communication with a clear mind and do not hide behind spiritual clichés. Immediate connection to our intuition is not esoteric , nor it depends on “spiritual” abilities. It is a SUPER POWER that exists IN ALL HUMAN BEINGS.  I believe and see in my work as an Animal Communicator (also called a Pet Psychic) that animal telepathy is not only spiritual and intuitive, but a part of our human biology , a dormant sense rooted deep in our DNA.

Practical and grounded solutions In addition to working on the ENERGETIC AND EMOTIONAL level, l focus on providing PRACTICAL AND GROUNDED SOLUTIONS , that can bring about true transformation.  Keeping it theoretical and spiritual is important. But not enough. We want to see and feel real tangible change!

​Knowledge and Research Based Animal Communication ​The modern world offers various SCIENTIFIC RESEARCHES , which prove and explain how and why telepathy works. ​ It is important to me to stay connected to KNOWLEDGE BASED and up-to-date research and information, as well as to our intuition.





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about me

A little bit 

about the dog telepath

Dogs have always had a special place in my heart.

In 2012 I experienced a spontaneous energetic opening, after which I realized I had been given abilities that I haven't had before.


Today I am happy to use these abilities and put them into a practical use as a Dog Telepath

(a Dog Whisperer).

Through channeling, I found a new language,

that  is based on empathy and direct experience.

With this language, dogs reveal to me what I have always known deep inside –

they can understand us,

and they can even answer back....

Animal Communicator The Dog Telepath Mayu
pet psychic the dog telepath animal communicator reviews

" Wow!
I knew it would be powerful, but I didn't expect this much! Me and my partner’s dog has always been a little anxious – But since the move, almost two months ago, all sorts of behavioural disorders she displayed, had escalated. Aggression to other dogs, constant barking at home, panic over everything, refusal to eat and more…

During the conversation with Mayu we were in shock. The level of accuracy was just amazing. We learned a lot about Chealsy our dog, and eagerly listened to everything that was said…

We implemented Mayu’s recommendation and were in shock ..  There is already a huge difference and we are excited to continue the process and apply everything learned to create peace in our home. 
Thank you so much Mayu you are wonderful! "

Janaya, Ranat-Gan

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Does animal communication work? yes!
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